Commando Kitchen – has been a part of me my whole life.  I was lucky to have a mother who was a good cook.  Growing up as a kid in the late 1960s and through the 1970s, Mom cooked and when she did not cook, it was up to myself and my 3 brothers to create something to cure our hungry appetites.  We affectionately referred to our creations as “WAR FOOD”.  My mother was a young child during World War II and we heard the stories of navy bean, olive and mayonnaise sandwiches.  We got the cheese sandwiches in our lunches, but all in all the meals at home were very traditional for those times.

The Crock Pot® was a big innovation for my mother and she made the best lentil soup that accompanied us on Saturday Ski trips, which not only kept us warm, but filled us up with restored energy to ski the rest of the day till closing. We had our share of meatloaf, spaghetti, sloppy joes, pot roast and chicken dishes, but never instant pudding, my mother loved to make cooked chocolate pudding and tearing through that pudding skin was the best part. She was the master of the Cheese Enchilada and had her special version of crock pot chili.

I was one of those kids who was interested in cooking, especially Toll House® Cookies or watching mom make her special chocolate fudge for the nuns at Christmas time.  I am sure it was her ability to make good food is what interested me in learning how to cook for myself.

Over time I have become a bit of an amateur cook.  I have planned cooked for large groups, but mostly I cook at home for family and/or parties we have. I can decorate cakes and make many different desserts including my favorite creme brulee and vanilla ice cream. I think it is the satisfaction of pulling something off in the kitchen that makes it fun and interesting.

Commando Kitchen is a tribute to my “WAR FOOD” days and having to make do with what is in the kitchen, but to do it in a way that makes sense and tastes good.  Many of the recipes I am going share or techniques I share have been done over and over and over the years by many.  I mean, good grief how can anyone claim to have an original Beef Burgundy recipe – something like that is the great-grandaddy of countryside simple stew.  Hopefully what I share here will be of value to you, but one thing I want to stress,  “MAKE IT YOUR OWN”, experiment.  You can substitute and see if it works.

Okay enough of this,  Let’s get cooking!