Two Instant Pot Liners Can Expand Your Options

Two Instant Pot Liners Can Expand Your Options

Two Instant Pot Liners can expand your options rather than buying another Instant Pot.  If you are online reading the comments in Instant Pot user groups, one question always seems to arise.  That question is if you should buy a 6 quart or 8 quart Instant Pot.  I can easy feed six adults with a 6 quart Instant Pot.  For those that are not over-eaters and have the ability to control their food intake, the 6 quart will serve most families appropriately.  This question on size generally leads into people buying a second and even a third Instant Pot.  Before you buy a second or even a third Instant Pot, buying a second liner can be the expansion option that gives you the flexibility you are looking for.

Let’s just cross off the exceptions to the rule.  The following people will probably need multiple Instant Pots, the rest of us won’t but can benefit from a second liner.

1. Professional Pot Luck Attendee – Church, the office, kid’s school functions, parties, funeral wakes, any excuse to bring something to a pot luck or just take over the pot luck yourself will require ownership of multiple Instant pots.

2. Large family – This can be a large family in numbers or a family that eats large.  If you are feeding an army then you might just be stuck and have to buy a second Instant Pot.

3. Hoarders – People with compulsive hoarding disorder are going to collect things, because that is what they do.

So how can Two Instant Pot Liners help you in the kitchen?  Suppose you are having a group of people over and you want to make corn on the cob and Dr Pepper Ribs.  You can set up the corn on the cob with water in one liner and set it aside.  Then put your ribs in the other liner and start cooking the ribs right away.  As soon as the ribs are finished cooking, take the liner out set it on the stove, put the liner in with the corn, put the lid on and start cooking the corn.  Corn on the cob has a 4 minute cook time which leaves plenty of time to finish the ribs on the BBQ or under the broiler.  Many times I am making Mac and Cheese as secondary dish for a party after cooking something else before in the Instant Pot.

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