The Ten Dollar Bread Machine

ten dollar bread machine

ten dollar bread machine

Yes you can buy a nice bread machine for $10.00.

Most are barely or never used.  The bread machine was one of those gimmicky kitchen items 20 years ago that many people bought thinking it was a good idea.  Most became shelf queens.  Bread machines were given as gifts, listed on wedding registries and sold on infomercials.

So where do you get a bread machine for $10.00?

Thrift stores have them all the time.  Sometimes they are new in the box never used, but most of the time only used a few times.  The condition of the teflon pan and paddle will be a good indicator if the machine has had much use. If you are not comfortable with buying from a thrift store, Facebook marketplace is an alternative, but pricing will be a little higher depending on the model.  Just search on Facebook under the terms “Bread machine for sale”.

What is a good bread machine?

Breadman Machines have been around a long time.  Breadman Saturday morning the infomercials sold many machines. These are easy to find and typically good units.  On the high side you’ll see them at $20.00 used.   Zojirushi makes the best machines, however finding them used for cheap is not easy.  If a Zojirushi is sitting in a thrift shop it’s a steal.  Cuisinart machines are on the higher side on Facebook marketplace.  Take your time, there is no rush there are plenty of units on the used market to pick from.

ten dollar bread machine



  1. I lucked out and found a Baby Zo, never used on FB Marketplace for $75. Being the owner of the larger, I knew this was a good deal for a Zo and I love it. It’s the perfect size for us as we are now empty nesters!

    • That is great. I found a large one on marketplace for $25.00 but it’s pending. I told the seller to give me a chance if the buyer backs out.

    • That is great. I am probably going to look for the smaller Zo eventually. I am not worried about having loaves look like store bought bread. Single paddle machines and their square loaves are just fine by me.

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