How to Cook an Instant Pot Giant Pancake

Instant Pot Giant Pancake

Instant Pot Giant PancakeHow to Cook an Instant Pot Giant Pancake?

This may not seem difficult, but it is because the sequence and recipe are critical. I made this with pancake batter from scratch recipes and pancake batters that were whole wheat healthy and finally just regular old Krusteaz Buttermilk add water batter and the best results came out with Krusteaz Buttermilk box mix.  One of the problems I encountered with batters from scratch is that they had a terrible finished texture and I think that had partly to do with the pressure cooker process.

NOTE: If you own an Instant Pot Lux or an electric pressure cooker that does not have a low pressure setting, you will not be able to follow this recipe.

  1. Start by heating up the pot in the program SAUTÉ MEDIUM. Once it says HOT, spray with cooking spray and cancel the Sauté function.
  2. After you have cancelled the SAUTÉ function,  mix 2 cups plus a tablespoon of Krusteaz buttermilk mix with 1.5 cups water. (You can use any other water based mix like Aunt Jemima Mix)
  3. Add the batter to the instant pot. It is important that you have already cancelled the SAUTÉ function before doing this and that the pot has cooled off for a minute or two before adding the batter, however the pot should still be warm to warm/hot.
  4. Select the Cake function, set the pressure to LOW, with 30 minute cook time
  5. THERE IS NO NPR (natural pressure release) IN THIS RECIPE.
  6.  If the float valve raises up and seals the pot, do not worry, but at 25 minutes you will need to do a quick release and open the pot to check the pancake. In any case open the pot at 25 mins.  This lets out the steam which keeps the top of the pancake wet and will help cook the top of the instant pot giant pancake more if you let the steam out 5 mins before finishing the cooking cycle.  Put the lid back on after checking the pancake.
  7. At 30 mins check the top of the pancake, it should be firm/springy but will not have a baked finish because the Instant Pot bakes with steam and moisture.  This is okay.
  8. Take a rubber spatula and loosen the pancake from the sides.  If you sprayed the pot thoroughly, then the giant pancake should not be stuck at all.  The tip of your rubber spatula should press down and follow the corner of the pot and just get under the bottom edge of the pancake helping loosen it from the bottom of the pan.
  9. Take the Instant pot liner out of the Instant Pot and place a large plate over the top.  Invert the pot on the plate and you will feel the pancake fall on to the plate.
  10. Dust the Instant Pot Giant Pancake with Powdered Sugar or top with fruit, jams or anything you like on your pancakes.

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