Instant Pot Pressure Steamed Artichokes

Photo: Jeremy Keith

Instant Pot Pressure Steamed Artichokes – This is a very simple process and very tasty dish that the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker makes a pleasure to prepare.  These instructions are for large artichokes.  The artichokes I cooked were locally grown in Camarillo California and were 12 ounces each.  I served them with a simple aioli sauce.

Place your trivet or a steaming basket in your Instant Pot.  Pour 2 cups of water in your Instant Pot.

NOTE: It is important that you put 2 cups water in and not less.  Your Instant Pot works off Steam pressure – less water is has no advantage and if you skimp too much on the water, your pot will not come to pressure and you will be disappointed.  We are steaming vegetables, don’t listen to those who say you only need a cup of water, they are flat out wrong as the Instant Pot Manual states:

Always add at least 2 cups of water or other liquids so enough steam can be generated to cook under pressure, Liquids include cooking sauces, wine, beer, stocks, fruit juices and vegetable juices, etc.

Oils and Oil-based sauces do not have enough water content and will not account for the required required liquid volume.

Prepare the Artichokes as follows:  Cut steams near the base of the flower. and cut the off at approximately 2 -3 inches from the tip.  Brush lemon juice on to the freshly cut tops and let the juice work it’s way down into the flower.  Optional: put lemon and/or orange zest on top.

Cook:  Put the artichokes in the steaming basket or trivet, put the lid on your Instant Pot.  These settings are for the Instant Pot Ultra.  Push knob to turn on LCD.  If you are in any other setting just press cancel to get back to where you can select other programs.  Turn the Dial until you get to Steam and press the dial twice.  The time numbers should be flashing. turn the dial until the time reads 25 mins. Pressure should be set on High.  Keep Warm will not matter as this will have a Quick Release (QR).  Put the lid on and you should hear the Instant Pot musical tone.  The ultra has a self sealing vent when you put the lid on and turn it closed.  Hit the start button and while the Artichokes are cooking, you can start on the Simple Aioli.

Simple Aioli – All you need is mayonnaise, juice from 1/2 a lemon and teaspoon of minced garlic.  Throw it all in a food processor and blend it together.




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